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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Republic Of Malaya

We propose, all corrupted cabinet members relinquish their function, and call for another snap polls to construct a REPUBLIC of Malaysia…whatever. bygone is bygone.. Don’t cry over spilt milk, PLEASE. Yes..the new Leadership WILL BE BETTER than any other that currently deployed or that will ever seen. All this happen because of Uncontrollable Satanic Corruptions and Inferiority on Ketuanan installed taught to able prolong Colonialism ideology and Monarchy Ketuanan which had once raped-snatched the old Malay kingdom rights, AS WE HAVE GIVEN THE GRANT, it seems that all WERE WERE WERE taken for granted, to win your political will, belief and vake belief and results, inconsolable together; while commoners being unheard and suicidal grafts, commoners Malays Chinese Indians and other tribes had all became Victim of satanic Creed and Greed on this free of charge political manifesto, discreetly-granted landbanks, together with Evilly-Satanic Chinese Malay Indian groups insensitivity at using criminal-origin incomes that manipulated the  people psychology of Neutralist Peoples rights, until the next generation has to became collateral; and Corrupt Leadership had collateralized millions of Victims to became Helpless, kept Silence and – Now, the finger is pointing at you – so, the Bad Corrupted Leadership Politician or the bad Royals. Please, Leave. Let the Good Ones – Stays.


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